The One World Collective - Together we walk...
The One World Collective is a community group based in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Our focus is to empower people and communities, of all economic levels, to take positive action in creating global wellness.
Firstly, we would love it if you could please like our Facebook page and share any information, events or idea you have that help. By liking the page you support the work we do, get updated about the amazing things to do in the community and get informed about the things you can do to create more global wellness for people and planet. Just click on this link:
We also invite everyone to join our group at and get involved in the FREE workshops, events, meetings, discussions, tours and more. These are run by donation so everyone can come along and enjoy being involved in the community and learn how to take care of the planet, each other, and ourselves.
We also have life coaching, relaxation massage, remedial massage and non-denominational meditation classes that are also available by donation - just in case you want some one-on-one care or want to spend some time tapping into your most fundamental self.
We work for the community and are supported by the community - so everyone is welcome and we send a warm invite to anyone interested in learning, sharing and connecting.
We encourage everyone to connect and share in a way that respects and encourages positive change.
By connecting to the One World Collective we can join together and start moving towards a life that is united with our community and promotes a better life for people and the planet.
To learn more take a look around the website and please contact us should you have any questions.
Welcome and Enjoy!